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Exit and Emergency Lighting Experts in Brisbane: Repairs, Installation & Maintenance services

Exit and emergency lighting is an essential service for businesses and building owners across South East Queensland. This is why we can reach those across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast, whenever there is need for emergency lighting system repairs or installations. It is important that anyone who is required to reach Australian safety standards regarding emergency and exit lighting can access a high-quality installer across the region. Whether you require commercial emergency lights or are a residential building Emergency Lighting Specialists can help you out. Give us a call or send us an email today to book your repair or installation.

Our Systems & Suppliers

Nexus® RF Infinity Wireless System

Nexus RF is a wireless system developed by ABB which uses a proprietary protocol for radio frequency wireless communication between the fittings and network infrastructure.

Nexus® LX Cabled System

Nexus LX is a cabled system design developed by ABB which utilises the lonworks protocol and relies upon data cable for communication between fittings and network infrastructure.

Zoneworks XT Hive

Zoneworks XT HIVE is a significant milestone for the emergency lighting market as it will redefine the way emergency lighting is designed, installed and managed. XT HIVE is smarter and more advanced than any other system on the market.

Zoneworks XT System

Zoneworks XT automatically tests and monitors the Clevertronics revolutionary range of lithium-powered exit and emergency lighting. The L10 Lithium Optimum range delivers over 80% energy and maintenance savings compared with previous technologies.

Axiom System

Axiom is a wireless computer monitoring system developed by Legrand for emergency lighting testing purposes. This system reduces ongoing costs by eliminating the need to manually test each uni. This system is designed to suit any installation including shopping centres, commercial office buildings, exhibition centres and more.

Galaxy System

Galaxy is another innovative system developed by Legrand that utilises a tri-wireless platform. This means that a low range wide area network communication provides maximum coverage and infiltration.

Master Minder System

The MasterMinder system is controlled and monitored by a Supervising Control Unit (SCU). The SCU monitors the system constantly without a computer. A computer is only required to program tests, analyse data, and add or delete luminaires.

The system is supplied with a complete Windows based software package and instructions allowing for easy operation of the system, including diagnostics, commissioning, additions, deletions and testing.

Installation of Emergency Lights is Just the Beginning

Emergency Lighting Specialists do more than just exit and emergency light installation in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. We also provide high quality testing, repairs, Audits, commissioning, and certification. This means you can have the complete emergency light services for your business and building.  With over 13 years’ experience, Emergency Lighting Specialists can provide a high quality emergency light installation, tests, audits, and certifications, ensuring you meet all Australian standards and requirements. Among these required standards include mandatory inspections at least every 6 months, for lamp tests, replacements, cleaning of fittings and reflective surfaces, and to inspect whether all systems are operating as intended. We are able to complete these for you, so you can meet all required standards.

Ongoing Testing Service & Maintenance of your Exit and Emergency Lights

Emergency light testing is required for all businesses and building owners who are covered under Australian regulations. These regulations are important to follow as they ensure your building or office remain as safe as possible during an emergency, with your emergency lighting providing a clear path to safety. To ensure you reach all correct standards we can provide regular emergency light testing in Brisbane. Generally, this emergency light testing is conducted once every 6 months as legally required in the standards. These standards dictate the following:

  • Emergency lights and exit signs must be tested and inspected every 6 months.
  • The inspection and cleaning of fittings and reflective surfaces must occur every 12 months.
  • Within the 6 monthly inspections a lamp test, replacements, and a 90-minute discharge test must be conducted.